Are These Women Seeking Wealthy Men?
No. First of all, if you earn $1500 a month you would be wealthy in their country. Second, what they most want is a happy life with a loving and faithful husband, and children with good opportunities in their lives. They want mature, healthy, stable men who will love them, care for them, and provide for them and the family.

Can I Have A Woman I Meet With Your Company Visit Me In The United States?
Yes, however, she must first be granted a Visa. To get a fiancee visa, she must prove that you and she have met in person previously. You may go with her to the nearest United States Embassy while you are in her country, or you may later display photo evidence of your meeting. With a fiance visa, she may legally enter the United States and remain for ninety days. At the end of this time period, she must marry you or return to her home country. If you do get married, you and she will only need to file the appropriate documents with the United States government.

Delivery method
We add credits for Live Chat and update membership at same time when we receive notification about payment (Usually it takes not more than 15 minutes). We deliver gift to woman from our agency during 48 hours after we receive notification about payment.

How Important Is Age Difference?
Generally, Ukrainian/Russian women prefer older men. They place great value on the maturity, wisdom, and financial stability that older men have attained. In all countries, men over the age of 35, 40, or 50 have matured in many different ways. These women are turned off by younger men who lack maturity, wisdom, and financial security. They place little value on partying and material things. In their society, women focus on their families. To them, happiness lies in creating a successful marriage and a successful family.

What are your alternative method of payment?
For customers who are unable to pay by credit card, we can make alternative arrangements, including Western Union payments, money order etc.

What are your fees?
We offer you 3 types of membership. Silver membership allow you to send and receive unlimited amount of messages through our site during 1 month. It costs 39$.
Golden membership allow you to send and receive unlimited amount of messages through our site during 3 month. It costs 89$.
Platinum membership allow you to send and receive unlimited amount of messages through our site during 6 month. It costs 129$.

Also we offer different packets of credits:
360 credits - 126 $
240 credits - 96 $
120 credits - 54 $
60 credits - 30 $

All purchases are one time payments and not recurring subscriptions.

What is Marriage Agency Nataly?
way to build a contact and relationship with women throughout the former USSR. Our database includes hundreds of agencies throughout Russia, Ukraine, Moldova where over 10,000 women have registered with us.Each office is equipped with a super fast broadband Internet connection to ensure an unbeatable sound and video quality. There's a qualified system technician and an interpreter hired at each office location. The interpreter will be available for the real-time translation during whole a communication session measured in minutes. With us you won't have a language barrier communicating by phone and video chat to any lady. No more weeks of waiting to see if a lady is interested. No more lost mail. Just quick and easy connections with a lady you want to meet.

What is a credit?
A Credit is a standard unit of purchase on Marriage Agency Nataly that enables you to use chat or video chat.

What services do you have on your site?
Email Correspondence, Gift Delivery, Video Chat and Romance Tours.

Why Are These Women Looking For A Husband From A Different Country?
Although a thorough answer could be very complex, the short answer is that they see men from other countries as having more desirable characteristics. Men from other countries do not generally have problems with alcoholism. They believe foreign men to be more faithful, loving, and financially stable. The average salary in the Ukraine has been said to be $200 to $300 per month. These women would like to have a husband that they can trust and on which they can depend.

Why do I need to purchase membership on www.marriageagency-nataly.net
In order to correspond with ladies you must have membership. The registration at our site is free but membership payment is required to be able to correspond to ladies.

Never send money to members of the site! If any girl from our site asks you for money or deceives you, please contact us ([email protected]). After an investigation, such profiles will be removed.