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There are plenty of misconceptions on how the industry of Ukrainian brides and Russian mail order brides work and the costs that are involved in this kind of unique service. Some people think that all you need to do is log on to a site like the marriage agency "Nataly" with a catalogue of gorgeous women, choose the prettiest of them all, pay some cash and she will be on the first flight out to meet you.

But here's the catch - things don't work that way. Unless you are a trade slaver, there is definitely no way that you can buy a person, much less a woman.

In fact, the phrase "mail order brides" are used simply because the main means of communication that was used in the past was in the form of letters that are sent through mail, not from an actual mail order service. It only goes to say that for you to find a bride, you still need to win her heart with more than just a check.

Today, industry of mail order brides has already become more like the traditional Russian online dating.

How Does it Work?

1. Start your online search at a reputable site like the marriage agency "Nataly" where you can find thousands of single women who are looking for love.
2. Once you spotted several profiles that you like the sound and look, you can register on the site for you to browse through the high resolution pictures and know more about them.
3. After finding some girls that you are interested to get to know more, you can also choose to get a membership plan that can give you opportunity to send and receive unlimited amount of letters through our site during one month - Silver membership (3 month - Golden membership, 6 month - Platinum membership).
4. Develop your relationship through email, live chat, messages all of which will not cost you anything and will even give you the chance of establishing a strong relationship.

If you will try to compare the costs to how much other guys spend in traditional dating, with all the flowers, movies, gifts and dinners, only to fail in the end, you are going to agree that it is more affordable to find beautiful Russian brides than looking for someone closer to home. On top of that, it will also be quicker. For instance, there are some people who reported that they got married in a matter of 6 to 18 months of joining sites like the marriage agency "Nataly" and starting their search seriously. Women on this site are very interested to find a good man and get married.

So, if you only have the best intentions and you exert some effort, there is no way that you wouldn't find someone special. And if there will be costs involved, these are almost negligible as you can never put a price on your happiness.