Things You Should Never Say to a Russian Woman

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There is something about complicated Russian-US dating process that causes men to say things they normally would keep to themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens so that you just can't get the words out of your mouth. As the result, you say hurtful things that may become the end of any relationship. This is especially true for Russian women. So be careful and don't believe in stereotypes or it may destroy everything you have achieved! In this way, if you want to find one of Russian or Ukraine girls for marriage, never say the following things:

You are too good for me!
The truth is that if you repeat these magic words for several times, your girl will probably start thinking you are right. Girls in Ukraine and Russia love strong and self-confident men. So prove you are worthy of your beautiful woman. Be a superstar, and she will be happy to date you.

I have no time for you!
Russian women require attention, so make sure you are not too busy for your lady. Most likely you are able to find, at least, several minutes a day for a short conversation. If not, one day you may discover that your girl is too busy for you.

I don't care!
If you do not care, well, your woman will do the same. Sure, you won't like that! So be attentive to what goes on around your girl and her family as well. Otherwise, your relationship is doomed to failure.

You are just like your mother!
It may seem strange, but please never say these words even if you mean no harm. It's complicated! Just don't say this to your Russian woman. What is more, don't compare her to older women under any circumstances.

I don't like your friends!
Russian women usually have a lot of friends, so try to treat them with respect even if you don't really like them much. However, if you have some problems with your girl's friends, tell her about that without hesitation. To make your arguments more significant, always choose your words carefully and avoid obscene statements.

My ex did it better!
In no case, tell your Russian woman that your ex did something better! Most likely you will get a proposal to return to that ex. Girls from Ukraine and Russia are always striving to be the best. So make sure you lady knows how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

Thereby, Russian girl dating process may be complicated, but if you know the basic rules, you will definitely succeed. Remember that a word spoken is past recalling. Anyway, if you say something wrong to a Russian girl, you can always try to explain the reasons for such an action. Love makes miracles as you know!