When You Inform Your Family about Your Russian Dating

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Many people still have some prejudices concerning international dating. Therefore, it may be hard to tell your old-fashioned relatives that you are seeing a Russian lady. It is supposed to be quite a tough conversation. All in all, you find yourself in a dilemma. How to tell your social circle about your Russian dating and not spoil relations with them? We have prepared some tips for you.

1. Debunk the myths.
There is a widespread myth that Russian women are seeking only the financial support when marrying a man from another country. You should explain that your sweetheart is well educated and smart. She simply didn`t manage to find the decent man in her mother country. But that`s no reason to stop believing in love, right?

2. Present the Russian bride in the most favorable light.
Tell your family about the moral virtues of your loved one. Give an example of her kindness and a good attitude to you. Explain that Russian as well as Ukrainian women are considered the best wives and the most reliable life partners. For instance, from the very beginning of your relationship, your bride has never given you a reason to doubt in her intentions towards you.

3. Tell a few words about the family of your sweetheart.
Origin can tell a lot about a person. If your loved one has been brought up in the large and solid family, it is a good thing to mention. This indicates that your Russian bride values the family and knows how a happy marital union should look like. Describe the city where she was born and raised. This will help your family members form a general impression of your lady.

4. Disclose your plans for the future.
One of the most important questions your family would like to know is whether it is serious for two of you or not. If your Russian bride and you are engaged and willing to marry, don`t keep it in a secret. Your family has the right to know. Russian women are kind and careful mothers. They love children. Your parents would be pleased to hear this.

5. Share some successful stories.
You have to prove your relatives and friends that international dating is a common thing today. The specific examples work best. What other positive stories do you know? Probably some of your colleagues or acquaintances are also dating Russian women. Some of them may have a long-term relationship or be married. Tell your parents how happy and stable these couples are. In such a way, you will demonstrate that they have nothing to worry about.

No one knows your family and friends better than you do. Therefore, you have to decide for yourself what strategy would work best in this particular situation. Use the aforementioned tips as a general guide when you have the very first conversation about your beautiful Russian bride. Remember that you are a grown-up man and able to make decisions yourself. Good luck!